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At Fitted for Work, we are dedicated to helping women find meaningful work and thrive in their careers. Your donation helps empower women with practical skills, knowledge, self-esteem and know-how so that they can move forward with confidence in the workplace. We focus specifically on employment not only because work provides financial security, but also a sense of purpose, social connection, dignity and pride. We believe when you are fitted for work, you are fitted for life.

Nicole's Story

Nicole was referred to Fitted for Work in 2022. Nicole was a single mum dealing with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. She felt that she had lost a clear sense of her personal identity and needed more tailored and compassionate support than was offered through traditional avenues. 

“I was finding it hard to push forward and rebuild the life I was seeking to achieve. I didn’t just want to survive anymore, I wanted to thrive.

There were brief moments where it did feel too hard, and I wanted to chuck in the towelIt was the compassion and support from services like Fitted for Work that never gave up on meEven when I was having a moment of giving up on myself.”

With Fitted for Work’s tailored support, Nicole secured full-time employment! She feels confident, happy, and excited about her new role in customer support. She says that “a chain of supportive dominoes all linked together… and just like a magic trick, boom!”

“I am employed again. I have my identity back.” 

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You can help break the cycle of disadvantage

In February, we undertook a survey of hundreds of unemployed and underemployed women across Australia. 62% are struggling with their mental and/or physical health.

Fitted for Work’s clients are supported with services that equip them with the skills needed to navigate and overcome such barriers. We are passionate about building up our clients’ confidence and self-belief and connecting them with the right resources and holistic services to succeed in their job search. From resume feedback to mock interviews and outfitting appointments with expert stylists, our services are tailored to every client’s individual needs.

We need your help to support thousands of women break the cycle of disadvantage.

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By donating, you become part of a movement committed to improving women’s lives and breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Your generosity enables us to reach out and support women experiencing disadvantage across Australia.

Donate in three simple steps

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.