We’re running a mini sewing project, to make face masks and cloth bags for our clients and we would love your help!

Do you know how to sew? Do you have some free time on your hands during lockdown? Do you have some spare fabric lying around?

We’re looking for volunteer sewers to donate their time, skill and love to our mask and cloth bag project. These items are used as part of our Virtual Outfitting service, with masks gifted to our clients and cloth bags used to package shoes, jewellery, makeup and toiletries that are sent out to clients nationally.

What is a Virtual Outfitting appointment and how does it work?

For many women, the first step to finding work is simply having a suitable outfit to wear to job interviews. Our Virtual Outfitting service provides women with high quality, work appropriate clothing for job interviews and work.

We begin with a phone consultation, in which one of our stylists calls the client to chat through absolutely everything—the industry they’re applying for/ working in, what they feel comfortable and confident wearing, their most and least favourite cuts, colours, shapes and textures.

This is followed by the outfit collection, in which the stylist chooses a selection to show our client based on their preferences and requirements, and what might best suit their complexion and body shape.

Finally, we have a video consultation, where the stylist and client go through the suggested outfit options and collaborate to create a “capsule” wardrobe for their professional journey. Our stylist packs up the chosen items and mails them to our client.

Sewing Project Instructions:

Bags of all sizes welcome! They’ll be used for shoes, makeup, jewellery, underwear and toiletries for our amazing clients.

Scrap fabric is A-OK, in fact, it is encouraged! We love using what we have at home before outsourcing.

You have full creative license. The below is simply a suggestion, but you’re welcome to send us any bag for the above purposes. As long as it can be sealed (zip, button, drawstring, velcro) we can use it.

These bags are something we always need, so please feel free to share with your circles. We can never have too many!

Due to COVID-19 we sadly cannot have any visitors on site. Please send your masks and bags to PO Box 63, Richmond 3121.

Sewing Resources:

Here is the link to the DHHS instructions for making a cloth face mask, but other styles are most welcome.

There are many tutorials all over the internet such as this one if you like to see the ‘how to’ in more detail.

Here are some simple instructions for making a simple drawstring pouch.


With our love and gratitude,

The Fitted for Work Team.

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