Leisha Ryding

“My role allows me to bring a window of hope to people.”

Leisha’s journey with Fitted for Work had a stop-start. She came in for a volunteer information session ten years earlier but moved interstate shortly after. Leisha spent the next decade working in education and social purpose management, learning and organisational development and career counselling.  When she saw that the organisation needed someone to work in the virtual services space, “I thought I always liked the work that they did, I was looking for new opportunities, so I applied and here I am.”

Like many of her colleagues, Leisha provides a unique and versatile skillset. In addition to her management and coaching background she has done a lot of digital learning development. It makes her a perfect candidate to develop Fitted for Work’s new Virtual Services Program.

“I’m really keen to use digital modes as a means of access for people. It allows us to provide our services to more and more people, especially those that traditionally don’t have access to these types of services.”

The Virtual Services Program, piloted in 2017, means that for the first time Fitted for Work can help women anywhere in Australia. Leisha’s is a busy role that deals with facilitating access for those in remote or regional areas, as well as those that can’t access services otherwise due to individual scenarios. She looks at various ways of using social platforms for different demographics and is building up towards digital resources and an app in the future.  “But what it really boils down to is access and meeting them where they are at.”

“I think my role allows me to bring a little bit of window of hope to people. There is such a genuine gratitude and delight that there is an organisation that does this type of work. The feedback from our clients, that first person interaction is amazing.”

As someone who is passionate about the issues of social justice, gender equality and women’s economic security Leisha feels like she’s at the right place at Fitted for Work.  “I think that Fitted for Work chips away at structural issues around gender equality. I want to be part of something that aligns to my values, and I feel like I’ve been able to be a part of that bigger picture and change for the better.”