Candice Graham

“Here, at Fitted for Work we are confidence builders, and confident women change the world”.

A client, a volunteer, an employee – Candice is just one of many Fitted for Work success stories.  She came in for a workshop in 2014 as a job seeker in 2014 and never left. “I didn’t know such organisations for women existed.” Candice completed a work placement, stayed on as a volunteer and was offered a position ten months later. She is now the only full-time employee managing the Sydney office and its 20 volunteers.

“It’s a small office, and we are very much like a family. We help each other, have lunches together, we chat, we connect. I try to keep the atmosphere in the office positive as we sometimes deal with serious topics.”

Candice understands what their clients are going through and feels she can offer the right words of support. “When I found Fitted for Work, I was unemployed for a long time. I know what that feels like.”

She believes the most important part of her role is creating a nurturing atmosphere that would make women feel comfortable and safe. “We want them to know they are our focus.”

And the best part? “Seeing clients flourish and become more confident is what I enjoy the most.”

“I feel privileged to be able to witness their transformation. It’s the best feeling that cannot be replicated – to be able to help someone.  I had people hug and cry me, they were so happy. And you cry too because you know their story and understand what finding work means to them.”

Since joining the organisation Candice has found her own feet. You wouldn’t guess she used to have anxiety and would get panic attacks before interviews. She has now done public speaking and facilitated workshops.

“Not only am I more confident, but I’m also a lot happier and approach things differently. I’m very lucky to have been given responsibilities and a safe place to ask questions and learn from my mistakes.”

Candice feels that the organisation’s focus on building confidence is what makes such a difference in women’s lives.

“Here, at Fitted for Work we are confidence builders, and confident women change the world.”


This profile was written by Natalia Tsygankova.