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At Fitted for Work, we understand that every woman and every journey is different. Our services are designed and tailored to assist you at every stage of your employment journey. You may be looking for your first role, returning to work after a career break or already have some employment but need help transitioning into a more suitable role. Whatever your situation, our tailored services are designed to help you achieve your employment goals.


Get a referral:

We are a referral based service with over 500 referral partners. You can get a referral to our services from a diverse range of service providers, including, Job Services Agencies, Disability Employment Services, Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services, Prisons, Domestic Violence and Homelessness Services, Community Centres, TAFEs and University’s. If you are unsure who can refer you, or don’t have an applicable referral partner you are connected to, just give us a call on our National Office number: 03 9662 4289 and we can help get you booked in!


Preparing for your appointment:

Once your referral partner completes the booking form, you will receive an email to confirm the time and location of your appointment.

It would be great if you could arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment but if you are running late or having trouble finding us please feel free to give us a call on (03) 9662 4289 for Melbourne and (02) 9635 9909 for Sydney.

We want you to get the most out of your appointment. If possible, please do not bring children, friends or partners with you to the appointment.

If you are attending our Job Preparation Hub, please bring along a copy of your current resume. We also encourage you to bring along your cover letter and any job positions you are interested in applying for.

Getting to your appointment:

Melbourne and National Office

Ground Floor of the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, 3000.

The closest train station is Melbourne Central Station. 

When entering the building from the Lonsdale Street entrance, our Dressing Room is on the ground floor and is the second door on the left. Please ring the doorbell on arrival.

There are 15 steps at the front of the building, an accessibility ramp on the left hand side and an accessibility lift at the bank entrance of the building. Please message us before your appointment if you would like assistance.



Sydney Office

Suite 37, 70 Phillip Street Parramatta

The closest train station is Parramatta Railway station.

We are located behind De Salt Cafe. There is an entrance walkway to our office on the right hand side of the cafe. Fitted for Work is the first office on the left hand side. The office is on street level and accessible. Please ring the doorbell upon arrival. 





"The suit I received from Fitted for Work changed my life. It represented a transition into a different world and was like putting a magic cloak on, because I looked the part. I got the job I wanted in that suit, despite my nerves." Click here to read Anna's story.
[Leaving my profession following illness] was like leaving my identity behind