Woman to Woman Training

Successfully applying for a job is only part of the story. To thrive in employment, attention needs to be given to all aspects of daily living.

Woman to Woman Training is an 8 module program, designed to foster personal growth. Delivered by specialised Fitted for Work trainers, this program helps women to retain employment by building on their job readiness and strengthen a sense of connection to themselves and others.

To maximise learning opportunities, the training has been specially designed to be as engaging as possible. Modules are presented in a variety of ways. Participation is encouraged through activities, events, guest speakers, workshops and excursions.

The modules in Woman to Woman Training are themed, focusing on:


"The whole team consists of people who are not only talented, but they really understand the motive behind the entire work they are doing. They know the difference they can make in others lives and they are working on it all the time." Click here to read Madiha's story.
Coming to another country where I knew no one, Fitted for Work gave me the confidence and encouragement to be myself and do my best.