Personal Outfitting and Interview Service

For many women, the first step to getting work is simply having a suitable outfit to wear to interviews. This program aims to help women experiencing disadvantage secure sustainable employment.


When women first visit Fitted for Work for their personal outfitting and interview training experience, many are a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. They’re made to feel instantly welcomed and accepted by our skilled and caring volunteers.

In just one hour, our volunteers transform a woman from head to toe in quality donated business clothing, including appropriate shoes and accessories. Women are given work appropriate outfits for their interview, with the opportunity to return to the service for additional outfits.

Women also receive intensive one-on-one interview training, presentation advice, assistance with job applications and with writing their resume. Women can then  undergo a mock interview in a formal setting with an employer partner to ensure that they are fully prepared to succeed at job interview.

In addition, Fitted for Work provides skills workshops which clients are invited to attend. These cover presentation skills, interview techniques, and how to build a successful resume.

Clients must be referred to us by a referring partner and can be booked into our services in Melbourne’s CBD and Parramatta, NSW.

For further information on referring clients to our outfitting service contact:

Xavier Buckley
Client Development Coordinator
[email protected]


"The suit I received from Fitted for Work changed my life. It represented a transition into a different world and was like putting a magic cloak on, because I looked the part. I got the job I wanted in that suit, despite my nerves." Click here to read Anna's story.
[Leaving my profession following illness] was like leaving my identity behind