Lynette amp LeighMentor

Fitted for Work provides individual online and face to face mentoring support to women participating in our Woman to Woman training program.

The mentor program exists to provide support and positive role modelling to enable mentees to:

The mentor program provides the mentee with:



"Important mentor qualities include authenticity. Being completely present in the conversation. Being able to share your story too given your mentee is sharing their very personal situation with you.” Read Leigh and Lynette's story here.
Important mentor qualities include authenticity.
"Being a mentor is an enjoyable and fulfilling commitment."

Requirements of Mentors

Thanks for your interest in sharing your time and skills with us.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept new volunteers right now because of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

At this stage we do not have a recommencement date for new volunteer inductions.

To join our mentor wait-list, please complete a Volunteer Expression of Interest Form and email with your resume to our Volunteer Manager, Merredith Murphy, at [email protected]