Volunteers, like Suzanne (right, are the lifeblood of the organisation. Without our small army of volunteers, we would not be able to deliver our services to the thousands of women we help each year.

Fitted for Work is always on the look out for women – and men – who would like to donate their time to helping the women who use our services on their journey to employment and beyond.

You can learn more about our volunteer roles here.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept new volunteers right now because of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

At this stage we do not have a recommencement date for new volunteer inductions. To join our wait-list, please complete a Volunteer Expression of Interest Form or contact [email protected] for more information.

Volunteering at Fitted for Work is a rewarding experience. Here are a just few things some of our volunteers have said about their time with organisation:


"In one word - fulfilling. Sharing my knowledge with other women and knowing they walk away with information that will help them for years to come is very satisfying. Click here to read Suzanne's story.
Fitted for Work - it is the food for my soul.


"Volunteering with Fitted for Work provides a sense of making a real and tangible difference to disadvantaged women's lives. A diverse and highly talented group of women provide their time and expertise, and it is a privilege to be working alongside them. It really is about women supporting women."
It really is about women supporting women


"The last young girl I dressed, left bursting with confidence saying ‘I’m going to nail this job now’! I often get a tear in my eye when that happens."
I often get a tear in my eye


"Fitted For Work has been the first organisation I have joined as a volunteer and I am so pleased that I have had the opportunity to discover this wonderful group of women, undertaking the task of providing disadvantaged women with every chance to return to the workforce with confidence. As well as being of assistance to these women, I always leave with a wonderful sense of accomplishment within myself. I'm actually learning more about my own skills with people. Helping other women has meant I have managed to help myself to become a stronger, more confident woman."
A wonderful sense of accomplishment


"After helping outfit our first client and seeing her beaming with smiles and how the experience lifted her confidence, I felt fantastic. It was a great experience to have been able to make a positive difference."
Make a positive difference

Anne Marie

"My volunteering for Fitted For Work has been extremely satisfying and enjoyable. I have meet some wonderful women aiming to return to work. The range of women from ethnic, Asian and Australian backgrounds, young and older is extremely wide and varied. They so appreciate what we can offer them in the way of appropriate clothing and it helps their self-esteem enormously."
It helps their self-esteem enormously


"Come and join the team of Fitted for Work volunteers and enjoy satisfaction, team-work and the fun you have when assisting clients."
Enjoy satisfaction, team-work and the fun


"As a volunteer for Fitted for Work, it has given me much pleasure to offer support to women who are trying to return back into the workforce. I get a real buzz from seeing the potential in these wonderful women who are on a positive journey of change and the look on their faces when they see themselves transformed in front of a mirror. My volunteer role also involves presentations to other volunteers on style, colours and make up, with tips to share with the Fitted for Work clients. I am also happy to have found a great charity that I can donate my business clothing samples to. Giving back has empowered me!"
Giving back has empowered me!


"I am very proud to be a volunteer at Fitted for Work. It's not easy fitting in the time, but the rewards far outweigh the effort. I am happy knowing that in a small way I am contributing to the empowerment of other women."
The rewards far outweigh the effort


"Being a volunteer at Fitted for Work is a satisfying and fulfilling job. I meet different kinds of people with different backgrounds and being connected with them means I've learnt a lot. Sharing your knowledge and helping them especially in understanding their needs and bringing their self-esteem back is a highlight.:
bringing their self-esteem back is a highlight


"Volunteering with Fitted for Work is a most rewarding experience. There is no better way to feel good about yourself than helping others. You will work along side passionate and caring women who do want to make a contribution to another person's life in whatever way they can. The clients of Fitted for Work are very grateful for any and all assistance and to be part of their empowerment is at times overwhelmingly satisfying."
There is no better way to feel good about yourself