Our Wishlist


On February 6th, 2020, we relocated our National Operations to a new home at 513 Bridge Road, Richmond, 3121.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe that our new site will give us the space to enhance and grow our service offering to help more women than ever on their journey to find work and achieve financial independence. 

We are still getting set up in our new National Site and are in need of some supplies and furniture to help us deliver a stellar service to women across Australia. If you would like to fund one of these items, please click on the picture to make a donation. Alternatively, if you already own one of these items and would like to donate it, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for helping us to help women!


Building Rapport

Starting your job search can be daunting. Sometimes before our clients can focus on beginning their journey into work, they first need to take a moment to adjust to their new environment and build a rapport with our kind volunteers and staff. We find this is most effective over a nice hot cup of tea! Basic kitchen supplies like a Kettle, Toast and Sandwich Press, also help us offer some simple catering to clients when they attend Client Programs.

Toaster – $50 x 2

Kettle – $50 x 2

Sandwich Press – $70 x 1

One month supply of Tea and Coffee – $50 x 12

Creating a welcoming environment

At Fitted for Work, we believe every experience our clients have should be beautiful – because they deserve it. We want each client who walks through our door to feel welcomed, supported and celebrated. Nice Coffee Tables, Rugs and Indoor Plants are small additions that can transform an ordinary space into a warm and welcoming environment.

Coffee Table – $70 x 2

Rugs – $130 x 3

Indoor Plants – $30 x 10

A space for meaningful conversations

At Fitted for Work, our service is about more than just providing a beautifully styled outfit or a brilliant resume. It’s about connecting with our clients, building their confidence and helping them recognise their strength. We’re in need of some stylish and comfortable Arm Chairs, Sofas and Ottomans for all of the big conversations that happen in our day to day. This furniture will be a spot for Mentors and Mentees to be introduced for the very first time, a safe space for women to share their hopes, ambitions and dreams with our team and somewhere comfortable for our volunteers to debrief after a long day.

Arm Chairs – $200 x 4

Sofas – $600 x 2

Ottomans – $120 x 2

Running Client Programs onsite

One of the benefits of our new location is that we will have adequate space to deliver our Client Programs onsite. Additional Office Chairs, Smart TV’s and a Bar Fridge will help us run impactful group programs for our clients. 98% of women sampled reported they felt more confident and prepared for work after completing our WomanKind Program. Women also mention the benefit of completing a program with other women who were in similar situations. Social connection is so important and we are always thrilled to see so many of our participants remain friends after the end of the program.

Office Chairs – $100 x 6

Bar Fridge – $200 x 1

Smart TV – $400 x 6

Connecting with the community

Fitted for Work is a organisation for everyone, but with limited resources it can be challenging to promote our service to all the women who may need our help. Outdoor Heaters and a Marquee will be used to attend and host events to connect with the community and ensure that every woman who needs our support has the opportunity to access it.

Outdoor Heaters – $250 x 2

Marquee – $300 x 1