Pay It Forward and Transform a Woman's Life

Help a woman to achieve sustainable and meaningful employment!

We have all been beneficiaries of generous acts, big and small, at one time or another. If you are looking for a meaningful cause to support to pay it forward, consider a donation to Fitted for Work.

Your contribution helps us continue to support thousands of Australian women experiencing disadvantage to find meaningful work and achieve economic empowerment.

At Fitted for Work, we are dedicated to helping women, non-binary, and gender diverse jobseekers to become job-ready and thrive in their careers. We focus specifically on employment not only because it provides financial security, but also a sense of purpose, social connection, dignity, and pride. We believe when you are fitted for work, you are fitted for life.

No matter how much you can contribute, your donation will have a positive impact on the lives of our clients. A little means a lot.

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Our Stories

In these videos, hear from Melanie (Fitted for Work General Manager) and Rocio (Fitted for Work client), about how they pay it forward to help women in need. During challenging periods, Rocio and Melanie all experienced support and kindness that have had ripple effects on their lives. Learn how Fitted for Work has impacted their lives and how they choose to pay it forward.

The work we do is never done. We need your help to continue supporting our clients as they build up their confidence and develop job-readiness skills to achieve sustainable and meaningful employment. When you pay it forward to Fitted for Work, you can transform a woman’s life.

Melanie, our General Manager, Shares Her Story

Learn more about Rocio, a Fitted for Work client

Hear from our Managing Director, Donna de Zwart