Jenny 2What we do

We help women experiencing disadvantage get into work and keep it.

We offer employment services which help women build their skills and develop their confidence in order to achieve meaningful work.

This is made possible through philanthropic support, the generous donation of high-quality second-hand clothing and the support of our skilled and caring volunteers.

We also provide leadership so that our clients and thousands of women like them have a voice. We strive to inform perceptions around how women come to be faced with adverse conditions and the impact it has on them, their family and the wider community.

Our key objectives

Objective 1:

Increase the participation of women experiencing disadvantage in work.

Being 100% client focused, our team works tireless at all times to develop and implement evidence based, quality, responsive and targeted programs that assist women experiencing disadvantage into employment.

We actively advocate on behalf, and with, women experiencing disadvantage to improve their their access to sustainable employment.

Objective 2:

Our team is committed to ensuring that we have the resources to continue to provide our services for free and to be agile in  meeting the changing needs of our clients.

We continue to ensure that all our social enterprises – She Works and The Conscious Closet – continue to be relevant and true to our core mission. Revenue generated from these entities is invested into the service.

Our Values


We live these values


We are brave and do what is right even when it’s difficult.


We respect ourselves, each other, our clients, volunteers and stakeholders.
We treat everyone with compassion and understanding.


We are generous in giving our time and resources to help others.

A Woman’s Journey through Fitted for Work

For many women the first step to getting work is simply having a suitable outfit to wear to interviews. When a woman is referred to Fitted for Work, her first experience may be our personal outfitting and interview service. She may feel a little nervous and unsure what to expect. She will be made to feel instantly welcomed and accepted by our Boutique volunteers.

In just one hour, she will be transformed from head to toe with a new suit, shirt, accessories, handbag and shoes to match. The volunteers will provide advice on grooming and health and how to prepare for the job interview so she can put her best foot forward to get the job.

Each woman may be offered access to a number of our other services. She can choose from presentation workshops, where she can learn from a range of tutorials how to apply work-appropriate make-up, improve personal grooming and overall presentation skills. She may then want to drop into our Job Preparation Hub and get assistance with her resume, cover letter and interview skills.

We will invite her to participate in our WomanKind program. This is pre-employment program inspires, guides and supports each woman to build her confidence through mentoring and woman to woman training. She can also take part in work place familiarisation and skill development days.

Once she feels ‘work ready’, the woman may be interested in applying for a role with one of our corporate partners through our social enterprise, SheWorks. SheWorks provides pre and post placement support services that link women directly with employers. All profits from She Works help us fund and scale Fitted for Work’s programs.

Finally, once in work, the woman may want to participate in our Mentor Program, where she will be paired with a mentor for up to 12 months. Her mentor will provide support and positive role modelling to help her navigate her transition into employment.


"Since starting with Yarra Trams, and thus having a regular income, life is definitely getting more and more happy. There are too many things to mention but here are a few: - having food in the fridge (this is the main one); being able to buy myself and my daughters' new bras that actually fit; getting my hair done at a professional hairdresser's (I am so unbelievably happy with it); the rent being be paid without a huge stress each month; and getting up to date with all utilities' bills and starting regular upfront payments. The list goes on."
Since starting with Yarra Trams, and thus having a regular income, life is definitely getting more and more happy